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Exciting DOLL SHOW in Durham, NC June 2014

Come on in to the Exciting Down East Doll Show in Durham, North Carolina June 18-22, 2014.

Show Promoters: Gia Heath, Debra Jadick, Kathy Hull, Tracey Rusthoven

There are a whole bunch of very excited artists ~ in fact, as you can see in the link above, several booths and tables are spoken for in this 40,000 sq. foot showroom!

We have Classes for just about everything, workshops, baby shower, contests, awards show, brunch and much, much more!!

This show has created a
Facebook page as well. Stay in touch and stay tuned as this show progresses. With almost a year to plan, it should be fabulous!!!

Click here to go to the website or visit us on Facebook



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Baby Cre8tions Nursery has founded a new Reborn Artistry Guild.  Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild.  We are now 2 years old and growing strong.  We are dedicated to the artistry of doll making; from reborning, newborning and sculpting  to the design of clothing and accessories for our cre8tions.

Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild members are held to the highest standards for cre8ting and selling a quality product to our customers. We represent ourselves and our products with honesty, accuracy and integrity.

Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild members strive for excellence and eagerly embrace change, challenges and new techniques to further better the craft in order to produce realistic, heirloom worthy cre8tions for our collectors.
Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild members take pride in conducting themselves in a professional, courteous manner and hold value in treating our cre8tions, peers, affiliates, customers and self with respect.

Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild members have excellent buyer and personal feedback amongst peers and customers alike. We value ourselves as being part of this wonderful art and strive to enhance our skills in order to meticulously cre8te beautiful, lifelike, heirloom quality babies for generations to enjoy.  Please feel free to come visit us there and join in the fun.  We have over 120 members and growing.  WMRBG is a wonderful place where Artists join together to Perfect the Art of Reborning and Cre8te Beautiful Babies for you.

Thank you for visiting with me here and I hope you have a pleasant experience


What is "Reborning"?

First and foremost, I would like to stress that reborning is an ART FORM.

Reborning is the constantly evolving 3D art form process whereby a vinyl doll is totally revamped to appear as realistic as possible. The more realistic the appearance--the higher the degree of artistry.

Various methodologies and products may be used in this "fool the eye" art form including oil paints, stencil crèmes, Genesis Heat Set Paints and the new air dry permanent paints. Whatever the choice; the goal should be to produce the highest degree of artistry with products that will provide a safe and permanent finished result for the collector.

It is somewhat disturbing to read some of the reborning reviews published by the media and general public which were obviously written out of ignorance. Such have sensationalized a minority of the buyers who treat this highly collectible art as "fake babies". This exploits the mentally disturbed and is a disservice to the art form, the artists, and a hallmark of cheap journalism.

The reborning process begins by dissembling a vinyl doll, stripping off the paint and dremeling off any molded hair to create a smooth head. Alternatively, many kits are now made specifically for the purpose of reborning which eliminates these preliminary steps. Next, the various parts are painted in thin, translucent layers. These generally begin with various skin tones and then progress to blue tones, veining, blush and detailing. The painting is where the skill of the artist comes most into play.

Soft mohair is then hand-rooted into the head with fine felting needles. It should be inserted in the direction that hair grows and should appear natural and appropriate to the sculpted doll. Obviously a newborn doll should have less hair than a toddler doll. When completed, the hair should be sealed from the inside with a waterproof glue. At this time new eyes are also set and secured into open-eyed dolls. Sleeping dolls should have hand-rooted eyelashes added.

The limbs and head should then be appropriately weighted with internationally safe materials such as glass weighting beads or poly pellets. The use of sand, kitty litter, rice or dried beans for weighting are questionable at best and potentially disastrous as the food products may develop an insect infestation and the other products are not approved for international shipping and will be confiscated by Customs. It is best for artists to use all internationally approved products and for buyers to pay a little more for that quality.

The doll is then reassembled on a soft body or alternately, full body sculpts may be left "as is". The doll is dressed in baby clothing and photographed. This newest form of doll making is a boon to the doll industry and certainly deserves the same respect as porcelain, polymer clay and cloth doll making. While a "reborn" is not a OOAK (One of a Kind), they are highly customized and a wonderful opportunity for collectors to own a unique piece of art.

This editorial was published here with permission from Kelly Smith

Copyright 2008 Kelly Lynn Smith
All Rights Reserved

Reborn Websites are welcomed to link to this article. Please email for instructions should you wish to republish this article on your website.


Bailee sculpted by Sherry Bowden & Reborn by Baby Cre8tions Nursery has won 3rd Place in the Professional Division at the IRDA OOAK & Reborn Doll Conference 2011

Baby Cre8tions Nursery is also proud to announce that I have earned a place in the book of

"Who’s Who in Reborn Artistry"

Gia Heath, Baby Cre8tions Nursery

Reborning Since: October, 2005

Assessment: Master Reborn Artist, Master Design Artist, Webmaster

Member: Excellence in Reborn Artistry, International Reborn Doll Artist, Simply Reborn Dolls Online Member, Safe Sellers Index and several other forums & Reborn Artist Guilds

Owner/Whispered Moments Reborn Baby Guild,


This baby was sculpted by Gela Bodenstein of Gela's Wonderful World of Babies and she named her after me.  I am so very honored and blessed.

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Baby Cre8tions Nursery goes to Hollywood!!
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Holiday Show Greenville, NC 2009
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2011 IRDA Doll Conference Click here to see the pics from the show.

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